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What is Bitcoin Exchange?

What is
Bitcoin Exchange?

A bitcoin exchange refers to a digital marketplace where bitcoins are bought and sold by traders. In this exchange, different fiat currencies or altcoins are used. A bitcoin currency exchange is actually an online platform and the mediator between buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency. BTC and XBT are both used as currency codes for bitcoin.
As already mentioned, bitcoin exchange platforms join buyers with sellers. Similar to traditional stock exchanges, traders can either choose to buy and sell bitcoin by entering a market order or a limit order. In the first case, that is, when the former is selected, the trader is giving permission to the exchange to trade the coins for the best available price of the marketplace online. However, in the second case, when a limit order is set, the trader leads the exchange to trade coins for a price lower than the existing ask price or higher than the existing bid price, based on whether they are buying or selling.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges


The digital or virtual currency secured by cryptography, which makes it almost impossible to fake or double-spend, is called a cryptocurrency. A big amount of cryptocurrencies concerns decentralised networks based on the so called blockchain technology. The latter is a distributed ledger imposed by a different network of computers. Generally, a common characteristic of cryptocurrencies is that they are not distributed by any central authority, something that makes them theoretically resistant to interference or manipulation of government.

Bitcoin VS Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is how the best-known cryptocurrency is called and it is the reason blockchain technology was invented. A cryptocurrency is the means of exchange, like is the US dollar. The difference is that cryptocurrencies are digital and use encoding techniques to take control over monetary units’ creation and to proceed in verifying funds’ transfer. In other words, bitcoin is the digital currency that makes use of cryptocurrency and it is controlled by the decentralised authority, whereas cryptocurrencies are the technology that make different financial transactions possible in a safe and secure way.

Why choose
Bitcoin Exchange

Why choose Bitcoin Exchange

Investing in digital currencies

This is the most famous and convenient way to buy bitcoin or other coins as a long-term investment, depending on the value’s variability. Remember that bitcoin was worth 1,200 PLN in 2014 while 3 years later it was worth over 20,000 PLN.

24/7 Operation system

Bitcoin can be accessed and traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being a very dynamic currency, this makes up one of its biggest advantages. There is also the ability to instantly exchange, without any time barriers, compared to traditional methods.

Decentralisation & fast transfers of currency

Financial institutions, such as banks are not connected to bitcoin. It uses a decentralised database that is resistant to control. Transfers are immediately completed, making the process fast, without needing external parties.

How to choose the best Bitcoin Exchange

There are many factors to consider before choosing the best bitcoin exchange. First you need to determine what country the exchange is located in, then learn how bitcoins are purchased and the exchange fees involved.
Also, find out whether the exchange is transparent as well as how fast you will be able to get the bitcoins after purchasing them. Think about anonymity and security and how reputable the exchange is, and finally, avoid fraud.

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