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Exodus Wallet

Exodus refers to a multi-currency wallet that supports numerous cryptocurrencies. This crypto wallet was initially available on desktop only. However, it is now also available for iOS and Android mobile users as well.

How the Exodus Wallet works

Exodus is quite different compared to other wallets. It is specifically designed for people who have never been involved with cryptocurrencies. Its User Interface (UI) is user-friendly and intuitive.
The most distinctive feature of Exodus is its support for a wide array of different altcoins, including Bitcoin. The wallet can also be used to exchange one cryptocurrency for another without registering.
Keep in mind though, that Exodus is a light wallet. Simplified Payment Verification is used, meaning that complete blockchains are not downloaded. Instead, it uses various servers to keep track of wallet balances.

How to create the Exodus account

Exodus’ designers wanted to create a user-friendly wallet that could operate in a simple to use manner, in a way that any common cryptocurrency user would want it to. The main aim was to make the crypto journey easier for people who are not familiar with using the technology. If a beginners’ experience with crypto was pleasant, then recommending it to friends would be even more likely. This is also known as widespread adoption.

Easy to use interface

Since registration is not required in this cross-platform app, you can simply download the app, install it, and get started. Nevertheless, remember that although its developers are trying to take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the app, there is no two-factor authentication support, meaning it only relies on a password.
Also, unlike other wallets, Exodus does not use the multi-signature address mechanism, which asks for permission from various devices before making any transfers. Once you are in, the wallet is quite appealing and intuitive. This is a great advantage as the app is created for both crypto exchange and portfolio management services. You can use it to save, monitor and trade cryptocurrencies. Finally, the app has a few icons at the top of the interface that can be used to navigate through its various functions.

Transfer of funds

To receive crypto using the Exodus wallet you need to go to the Wallet tab and choose the cryptocurrency you would like to receive. A price chart of the chosen crypto can be viewed on this page in case this is of interest to you. Otherwise, you can just click and copy the received address of your wallet. You even have the possibility to send this address via email or take a screenshot of the QR code. This can be scanned by the sender from their device. Once the first deposit is received, Exodus will ask you to secure your wallet using a password.
Exodus will also show you 12 words that will help recover your password. To send cryptocurrencies from Exodus, simply click on the send button and fill in the address of the wallet you want to transfer to. To exchange cryptocurrencies, go to the exchange section and use the menus to select the cryptos you would like to exchange.

Backup Features

You can always go ahead and access your cryptocurrencies even if the device they are stored on is stolen. It can be accessed by either using a standard 12-word passphrase or selecting the email to restore option.


It has an easy-to-use interface, with clear features for beginners to use. There are also multiple themes to choose from, including the ability to change the wallet’s background colour.


There is a built-in feature provided by Shapeshift, an exchange platform, which can be used to swap one currency for another, quickly and easily.

Get started with the Exodus Wallet

Are you a non-professional trader wanting to buy different cryptos? Exodus is the answer for you.

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