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ZenGo Wallet

Tired of writing down passwords and phrases for your account registration? If you are frustrated with the complicated setting-up procedures and interfaces in some crypto wallets that have somewhat complicated setting-up procedures and interface, the ZenGo wallet is the revolutionary cryptocurrency wallet solution for you.

How is this app different?

ZenGo is a start-up company from Israel that created ZenGo, the revolutionary crypto keyless wallet. Its main advantage is that you do not have to save your secure password, because while the wallet is being set up, this old securing process is replaced by your email, cloud, and your face.
The private key is not actually needed with this wallet. This is vital since the security of the system and your wallet cannot be compromised by a single secret information. In this easy registration process you will need to fill in your email and scan your face. You no longer need to take any notes or remember anything. In case you cannot access your wallet, you can automatically restore it by solely using your email and face!

What is the wallet’s security procedure?

Clients’ personal information is not stored on ZenGo’s servers. A technology named threshold signatures is used which enables you to replace the traditional password phrase with two mathematical secret shares created individually. You can save one of them on your mobile device and the other one on ZenGo’s servers. If, for instance, something happens to these shares, like in the case of losing your phone, your funds will always be safe.
What happens is that an encrypted copy of your device share is saved on the ZenGo servers, which is then saved separately in your iCloud. Therefore, scanning your face is what is actually required for the wallet restoration and then your wallet will be restored right away!

More on the ZenGo wallet

Being an innovative and fresh product, ZenGo has been the answer to multiple security problems. It is user-friendly and nice to trade with, without any technicalities and difficulties. There are lots of additional features as well, and the range of coins supported is big enough to cater for most users’ needs’. There is, however, a lack of Litecoin support. The wallet is now free to use with some fees applied when buying and trading cryptocurrencies. These fees are not bigger than the industry standard though. Its User Interface (UI) is very straightforward and it is worth giving it a go should you be searching for a safe mobile cryptocurrency wallet.

Are there any buying limits on the wallet?

You will need to verify your identity in order to proceed to buy cryptocurrencies on ZenGo. There are three levels of verification with a certain buying limit. These are: up to €150 per month, up to €20,000 per month and up to €50,000 per month.

Grow cryptos

This feature allows you to gain compound interest and rewards on your funds. This is achieved through staking coins on blockchains using proof-of-stake. Coins like Tezos can be easily and quickly staked from your ZenGo wallet which will eventually lead you to earning over 5% interest.


The Swap tab can also be used to trade cryptocurrencies. You can switch between supported coins with a fee of 0.125%. This feature allows trades occurring in milliseconds based on how fast the network is and the coins you choose.

Buy Cryptos

Using credit or debit cards within the app, you can buy a wide array of cryptocurrencies. You can do so via MoonPay API, from which deposits are directly made into your wallet.

Learn everything on the ZenGo Wallet

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