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EOS Review reviews EOS for you and offers tips on this popular crypto community.

What is EOS?

EOS, also EOSIO or, is a fintech provider focusing on blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency, the EOS coin.
Although it is not in the top 10, EOS is relatively well known and considered to be a leader in the thriving crypto currency space. It ranks in the top 100 block chain providers, according to Rise.Global rankings.
On the website, there are training programmes available for beginners. EOSIO Webinars are a convenient way to learn about building and using EOS’ block-chain protocols and the company says that all levels are welcome. Developers can learn to build a full-stack web application, programme their first smart contract and learn all about the technology.
The cool side of EOS is its community which is exceptionally strong. The company has a voting philosophy based on the contribution to programmes and initiatives. Candidates line up to build the next block and are ranked based on a voting system built on…you guessed it…blockchain.

What Is EOS Crypto Wallet?

Like other block-chain companies, EOS also offers a fortress-like wallet for locking up your crypto-currencies. Called the EOS Wallet, it is a joint project with Freewallet, a trusted name in the crypto currency community, according to EOS.
It features a fingerprint login, a PIN code lock, two-factor authentication and email confirmation for each transaction.
The wallet accepts most cryptos which are then converted seamlessly into EOS coins.
The EOS Wallet is available in 13 languages and has 24/7 customer support.

EOS Pricing

We couldn’t find detailed information about the pricing because it depends on the project and the company is a B2B model.
It caters to businesses and offers customised block chain solutions upon inquiry with a product called EOSIO Premier Technical Support. Other options include a Developer Portal which features Protocol Guides and Tutorials. There are software manuals and many other resources on the EOS website.
An interesting point is EOS’ investments and grants which aim to spread the mass adoption of block-chain technology. There are investments in different tokens, block chain technologies, data platforms for lifestyle, entertainment, sports and other projects. One project called Audigent even promises cookie-less data delivery.
Another intriguing project goes by the name Wombat which is a blockchain-based gaming company.

EOS Exchange

Although it offers customised blockchain solutions and a developer portal, EOS does not currently have its own exchange. However, the EOS coin is traded on other exchanges and can be monitored and charted on many cryptocurrency websites.


Innovative and technologically advanced
Proprietary blockchain platform and crypto coin
Social media network called Voice and community voting to build block transactions


Faces a $24 billion penalty imposed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission
A group of investors filed a civil suit against EOS in 2020.
Does not have a proprietary crypto-currency exchange but the EOS coin is widely traded

About this Cryptocurrency Technology is owned by, a company started by Brenden Blumer and Dan Larimer in 2017. is known for its innovation and uses a voting system based on social reputation to decide which block producer will create the next block of transactions in the blockchain. Following the controversies with investors and the SEC, Dan Larimer left the company to focus on other projects.
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