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We have gathered information and reviewed a wide range of the most popular cryptocurrencies, their blockchain protocols, wallets, and popular crypto exchanges so you are always equipped to make informed trading decisions. Whether you are a dolphin or a whale, knowing which cryptocurrencies you can HODL or sell, where to store them and which exchanges to use is paramount when navigating the complex crypto universe.

Reviews of Cryptocurrency Companies and Payment Solutions

Bitcoin has regained a lot of its lost charm as it has rallied the recent months reaching almost $60,000 and reigniting interest in cryptocurrencies, as investors rushed to buy more. With gains close to 500% over the last 12 months, it is not surprising to see many traders and investors expanding their portfolios to include cryptos or seeking to trade in cryptocurrencies and strike while the iron is hot.
One of the first places to visit to quench your crypto currency thirst is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy, sell and store your cryptos. One of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges and the one most crypto enthusiasts and traders use is Coinbase. Coinbase is one of the biggest crypto currency companies where users can exchange their traditional currencies for their favourite cryptos. As one of the earliest exchanges, Coinbase is the go-to destination for crypto traders.
Part of the appeal of Bitcoin and many crypto currencies was the ability to bypass traditional financial institutions and avoid mediating third parties. Since the inception of Bitcoin, many other cryptos were created using blockchain technology to build alternative payment systems and improve financial services for global businesses. Ripple is one of those innovative companies with its own cryptocurrency and payment solution. is another crypto exchange and wallet where you can buy and sell cryptos fast and from anywhere in the world. If you are also interested in Bitcoin, Monero is an interesting alternative that has gained in popularity due to its privacy features and its uses for more secret activities.
Beyond trading in crypto currencies, buying or selling them, the technology behind them, has also attracted interest for its diverse uses and many developers have turned to and similar protocols that allow them to build on their existing blockchains. Businesses can also make use of Eos, the native cryptocurrency for the blockchain. Below you can have a quick look at all our reviews of the various crypto and blockchain projects or, if you want a more detailed analysis, please visit our dedicated page for each individual review.

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